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Septic Tank Pumping
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Septic Tank Pumping in Clackamas County

Responsive Technicians Serving Clients in and around Portland, Oregon

When was the last time your septic system was pumped? If you cannot remember or it has been a few years, it is likely time to seek professional services. 

Our fully certified technicians at Scout Septic, Grease and Drain offer 24/7 septic tank pumping in Clackamas County. We regularly assist residential and commercial clients with both routine and emergency pumping. Our team values professionalism, cleanliness, and results, and we will do everything we can to ensure your septic system stays in great shape. With over a million gallons pumped, you can rest easy knowing your septic tank is in the hands of experienced professionals.

Our company offers transparent and competitive pricing, so do not hesitate to call (503) 563-2061 or contact us online and ask for a free estimate.

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  • “They also did a very thorough job and took the time to explain how things were going. I would highly recommend them!”

    Sam E.
  • “Matt and Billy came out to tackle the job at hand and not only were they kind and professional, they got the job done expediently without missing a beat. Even took the time to explain what was being done and answer all of my questions.
    I HIGHLY recomm”

    Beth B.

Why Should You Prioritize Septic Plumbing?

Septic pumping is an essential part of maintaining your septic system. You will need to regularly pump your tank to proactively avoid chronic clogs, wastewater backups, and other serious issues. Regularly pumping your septic tank can also extend the longevity and functionality of your system. 

Solid wastes, grease, and soap residue tend to naturally accumulate on the bottom and sides of your septic tank over time. Left unaddressed, these materials will harden and may become challenging to remove. They will then start to negatively impact the capacity of your system and trigger other troublesome side effects, including slow draining sinks and plumbing problems. Your tank may even overflow if nothing is done to ameliorate the situation.

Additionally, your septic system should in most cases be fairly silent or only emit a light hum. You should schedule pumping as soon as possible if you notice strange or worrying sounds coming from your tank. Gurgling, trickling, or buzzing sounds may signal the need for immediate pumping. 

The septic pumping process removes the hardened elements from your tank and can help restore lost capacity. Standard-sized septic tanks should be routinely pumped every three to five years, even if you do not detect any warning signs or problems. If you have an especially large septic tank, you may need to have it pumped every one to three years. 

Our services include a full assessment of the health and functionality of your septic tank. We can recommend the appropriate pumping schedule once we have assessed your system. 

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Pumping Services

Our team at Scout Septic, Grease and Drain recognize that septic pumping can be inconvenient. You may not be available to supervise the process during regular business hours. Fortunately, our technicians are available to service your septic system 24/7 and are happy to accommodate early morning and late evening requests. We are ready to work around your schedule and ensure your tank gets the professional attention it needs when it needs it.

In some cases, you may need to have your septic tank pumped immediately. If you discover your septic system has a serious backup or is threatening to overflow, we offer emergency septic tank plumbing in Clackamas County and the surrounding areas. We will come to you and give your system the expedient attention it needs to avoid a catastrophic outcome. 

Once we have completed our work, we will provide professional advice on how to keep your tank in good working order moving forward. Our company offers a wide array of septic services, including assistance with installations, inspections, and maintenance

If your septic tank needs pumping, do not wait to contact us online or call (503) 563-2061. Get a free quote today!

Benefits of working with a veteran owned & operated company
  • 1. Fully Stocked Trucks
    Full-service attention where we handle all documentation requirements with your specific municipality.
  • 2. Competitive Pricing & Transparent
    We are proud to offer straightforward help when you need it. No hidden fees and no hassle.
  • 3. Professionalism, Expertise and Cleanliness
    Our technicians are cross-trained and able to jet lines service traps and oil with one truck in a single stop.
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