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Cooking oil disposal is not an easy task.  If you try to drain it, it might block your sink drains and cause you expensive plumbing issues.   Scout Septic, Grease, and Drain can help when looking for a professional cooking oil recycling company. 

We are a professional used cooking oil removal and recycling company—an industry leader in Portland, Oregon.  Our technicians are experts in removing used cooking oil, cleaning grease traps, and pumping septic tanks.

Why Choose Our Clackamas County Cooking Oil Recycling?

Recycling used cooking oil is essential in promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.  At Scout Septic, Grease & Drain, we offer professional cooking oil recycling services for commercial kitchens and restaurants.  Our experienced technicians use specialized equipment to safely collect and transport used cooking oil to a recycling facility.  The recycled oil creates biofuels, animal feed, and other products.  By recycling your used cooking oil, you not only reduce waste and prevent environmental damage but also support sustainable and eco-friendly practices.  With our commitment to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, you can trust Scout Septic, Grease & Drain for all your cooking oil recycling needs.  Contact us today to schedule your cooking oil recycling service.

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Cooking Oil Recycling Clackamas County

We we're so happy to find an East-side based business to service our two traps and provide an oil barrel to recycle! Thanks Scout Septic. I would recommend them for cooking oil recycling services.

Rockwood CDC

Cooking Oil Recycling In Clackamas County

We were referred to Scout Septic by the city. They provided us with a list of preferred vendors, and the fact that Scout Septic Oil is committed to recycling and reusing oil called them to the front of the line. Scheduling was easy, Matt is friendly and helpful and we've been happy with the services that have been provided thus far. We would recommend their cooking oil recycling service to any Portland restaurant looking for a reliable and dependable grease trap clean-out service.

John Blomgren

Cooking Oil Recycling Clackamas

Fast and clean service, will use again for cooking oil recycling needs. Thanks

Vince Strafford

Frequently Clackamas Cooking Oil Recycling Questions

Recycling used cooking oil helps prevent environmental damage by reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.  It also supports the creation of biofuels and other products.

Most types of cooking oil can be recycled, including vegetable oil, canola oil, peanut oil, and others.  However, oils that mix with other substances, such as animal fat, cannot be recycled.

Used cooking oil should be recycled when it becomes dark in color or develops an unpleasant odor.  Additionally, it’s recommended to replace cooking oil frequently as it will start to affect the taste.  More excellent restaurants recycle their cooking oil more regularly, at least every six months, to prevent clogs and other issues.

Recycled cooking oil gets repurposed in various products, including biofuels, animal feed, and soap.  The recycled oil goes through a filtration and cleaning process before being turned into fuel.

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