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Septic Tank Inspection
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Septic Tank Inspectors in Clackamas County

Trusted Technicians Serving Clients in and around Portland, Oregon

Septic systems require regular inspections, as you will want to proactively avoid and address problems whenever possible. You should generally schedule an inspection every three to five years, and you will need a capable team to ensure the job is done right.

Our septic tank inspectors in Clackamas County are fully certified and have over a decade of experience. At Scout Septic, Grease and Drain, we are prepared to handle all of your needs. Our technicians pride themselves on their professionalism, efficiency, and cleanliness, and our company strives to offer an exemplary level of customer service. Our responsive services are also transparently and competitively priced. No matter the scale or complexity of your septic system, we can conduct a thorough inspection that meets all local requirements.

If your septic tank is overdue for an inspection, do not wait to call (503) 563-2061 or contact us online. Get a free quote today!

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  • “They also did a very thorough job and took the time to explain how things were going. I would highly recommend them!”

    Sam E.
  • “Matt and Billy came out to tackle the job at hand and not only were they kind and professional, they got the job done expediently without missing a beat. Even took the time to explain what was being done and answer all of my questions.
    I HIGHLY recomm”

    Beth B.

Signs You May Need a Septic System Inspection in Oregon

Your septic system should be inspected every few years, even if you detect no obvious problems. You will also probably need to get an inspection if you are planning to sell your home. However, there are some warning signs that may signal the need for an immediate inspection.

Consider getting a septic system inspection if you notice:

  • Frequent drainage issues. A high volume of plumbing backups may indicate a minor or serious septic system issue.
  • Inconsistent grass pigment. If the patch of grass located near your septic system appears greener or more vibrant than the surrounding grass, your septic system may be failing. The tank may consequently be outputting an excess amount of water into the nearest plant life.
  • Foul odors. If you notice unpleasant smells emanating from your septic tank or pipes anywhere on your property, you should seek an inspection.
  • Puddles of unknown origin. Puddles will sometimes accumulate after a rainstorm, but standing water building up near your septic system may suggest a dangerous toxicity issue.

Complete Residential Septic System Inspections in Oregon

We routinely provide comprehensive residential septic system inspections to homeowners throughout Oregon. Our team is extensively familiar with the specific inspection requirements for your municipality and will adjust our services accordingly. You can rest easy knowing your system will receive a thorough inspection that complies with all local regulations.

In most cases, our highly trained technicians can complete a meticulous residential septic tank inspection in just a few hours. When we have completed our assessment, we will provide you with an in-depth report and take care of all necessary paperwork.

As part of your inspection, our team uses state-of-the-art technology to locate problems and identify areas that may need routine or emergency maintenance. Cutting-edge video inspection tools allow us to precisely locate and evaluate areas of concern. These tools also allow us to verify that all pipes are functioning correctly.

Are You Selling or Buying a Home in Oregon?

If you are hoping to sell or buy residential property in Oregon, you will likely need to procure a professional septic tank inspection, and doing so is probably in your best interest. While the state of Oregon does not legally require home purchasers and sellers to get an inspection, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality strongly urges all parties to request a professional evaluation. Furthermore, most lenders and banks will not facilitate a transfer of ownership unless a septic system has been thoroughly inspected

Our septic tank inspectors in Clackamas County are trained to quickly inspect residential systems, recognize issues, and offer solutions. When a problem is discovered, our company also provides a full suite of repair and maintenance services.

The Importance of a Septic System Inspection

You should never assume your septic system is operating properly, even if you have not noticed any major red flags. You do not want to risk letting a minor problem become a major emergency, and you deserve the peace of mind of knowing your system is in great shape. 

If you have lived in your home for many years and cannot remember the last time your system was cleaned or pumped, it is time to give Scout Septic, Grease and Drain a call. If you are looking to purchase a new home, insist on getting a professional septic system inspection. Our septic tank inspectors in Clackamas County are ready to give you the best customer service experience possible.

We are prepared to be your partner in maintaining your septic tank. Call (503) 563-2061 or contact us online to get a free estimate.

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    Full-service attention where we handle all documentation requirements with your specific municipality.
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    We are proud to offer straightforward help when you need it. No hidden fees and no hassle.
  • 3. Professionalism, Expertise and Cleanliness
    Our technicians are cross-trained and able to jet lines service traps and oil with one truck in a single stop.
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